Take Advantage of Pre-Conference Workshops!

Tuesday, May 4, there are three pre-conference workshops beginning at 1 p.m. – each is free, but registration is required. This is a great excuse to arrive to Captiva Island a bit early (wink, wink). 

Improving Services for Adults with Learning Disabilities Using Research-Based Resources
1-5 p.m.                                                
Facilitators:  Aaron Kohring
Participants will identify instructional and program planning needs for serving adults with learning disabilities. They will use research-based resources to help address these concerns and to improve practice. This initiative is made possible through the generous support of LINCS Region II Resource Center, a program of The National Institute for Literacy (NIFL).

Facilitating the Adult Learner
1-4 p.m.
Facilitator:  Claire Valier
To be an effective adult educator, it’s critically important that our focus begins with adult learners. The instructor will have hands-on activities and share interactive activities that engage and foster adult learning.  This workshop will address the following topics:

  • understanding adult learners and adult learning
  • recognizing different ways in which learning occurs
  • facilitating more meaningful learning
  • adult-friendly learning environments. 

This initiative is made possible through the generous support of the Florida Department of Education, Division of Career and Adult Education.

STAYING HEALTHY: Health Literacy Curriculum and Resources for ESOL
1-5 p.m.
Facilitator:  Naomi Soto

Learn how to successfully integrate health literacy into high beginning and low intermediate level Adult ESOL instruction. Increase health literacy awareness among your students and encourage them to make healthy choices in relation to nutrition, preventative health care, accessing health services and other related issues. 

This 3-hour session includes an overview of the freely available Staying Healthy curriculum, hands-on activities/resources and time for discussion and idea sharing. Each participant will receive a copy of the Staying Healthy Student and Teacher’s Resource Guide.  Sponsored by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida.

To register for a pre-conference workshop

If you have already submitted your conference registration, email Erin Balleine, balleine@floridaliteracy.org, to register for the workshop of your choice.

If you have NOT already completed your conference registration, you can do so and include registration for one of the workshops above by clicking here

Which are you most interested in?  Let us know by commenting below!


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