Florida Literacy Conference – Best Part!

There are so many great reasons to attend the Florida Literacy Conference.  There’s the networking with colleagues from all over the state.  There are fabulous sessions on a variety of topics.  There are inspirational speakers and presenters.  There’s the chance to meet with vendors to see what’s new for students & teachers, and don’t forget about the convenience of the computer lab and the wonderful hands-on tech sessions that are held in there!

So what do you consider to be the best part of the conference?


One thought on “Florida Literacy Conference – Best Part!

  1. I will be presenting on Thursday morning at 9:00 a.m. on research related to my Educational Doctorate Executive Position Paper (dissertation) Proposal. It is still a “work in progress”. I am from Delaware and have been teaching in correctional education for nearly 20 years and in adult education for 25 years. I will complete my EdD (in Educational Technology at the University of Delaware) coursework in two weeks and begin writing my EPP. I believe my presentation – “Using Technology in Prison Settings to Increase the Number of Students Who Begin Instruction at ABE Levels and Earn a GED” will be of interest to correctional educators, ABE and GED educators and teachers who use technology working with ABE students. I have put some of my work on a WordPress Blog at http://ginawdl.wordpress.com/
    I am very much looking forward to seeing you at the conference.
    Gina Lobaccaro

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