South Seas Island Resort Awaits You!

Greetings from Captiva!

South Seas Island Resort is excited to be hosting the Florida Literacy Coalition‘s 2010 Florida Literacy Conference!

Captiva’s history and South Seas’ role in that history is a balance of fact and folklore. Legend has it that the barrier island is a haven for infamous pirates. “The Buccaneer Coast” attracted the notorious Jose Gaspar to the region in the early 1800’s where it was rumored that he buried his stolen treasure on Sanibel and used the adjacent island to imprison the many women captured in battle. Thus the name: “Isle de los Captivas” or Captiva Island.

South Seas has a storied hospitality past beginning in the late 1800’s as a key lime plantation. The village we know today was created in the early 1970’s when a development duo bought the plantation. They were devoted to preserving the natural aura of the island while implementing resort-style amenities for buyers and vacationing guests. With the addition of the conference space and the hotel, it wasn’t long before South Seas became one of the world’s most desired retreats and meeting destinations.

While you are here, make sure to visit our world famous beaches covered in beautiful shells. Also make sure to stop by the Main Pool Complex on the North End overlooking beautiful Pine Island Sound! Scoops & Slices is heaven with delicious ice cream, pizza and a wall of candy!

The weather is going to be beautiful and we have some amazing events and meetings planned for your stay.  For a handy map identifying event locations for the Florida Literacy Conference at the resort click here (you’ll also receive this at check-in). 

See you next week!


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