Another Great Florida Literacy Conference

Now that the Florida Literacy Conference has ended, I can reflect upon some of the activities I was fortunate enough to attend.  First, I participated in one of the pre-conference workshops:  Train the Trainer Course.  At this first session of the course, we participated in many activities to help us focus on competencies we need to be good tutor trainers.

After the opening ceremonies on Wednesday, I attended my carefully chosen workshops of the conference.  Since it was Adult Learner Day, I wanted to participate in a session with learners.   The workshop by VALUE did not disappoint.  I found the learners’ points of view to be very helpful and inspiring in this interactive workshop.

That afternoon I attended a very thought-provoking session presented by Hillary Smith.  She had polled learners and teachers about when, how often, and tactics to correct ESL learners when they make errors in English.   Her findings were enlightening.

Finally, during the informative FLC Annual Meeting, several learners read their emotional essays. Their personal stories brought faces to those needing literacy, just like the ESOL performers did in our closing session and luncheon;  a standing ovation to all!

Which workshop(s) did you find most helpful?  Share it in the comment section below.

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