JUST RELEASED: National Action Plan on Improving Health Literacy

Big news for healthcare providers and health literacy educators alike! The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has just released the National Action Plan on Improving Health Literacy. This national initiative outlines seven specific goals that will improve health literacy and make health reform a true reality.

These seven goals are outlined as such:

1. Develop and disseminate health and safety information that is accurate, accessible, and actionable
2. Promote changes in the health care system that improve health information, communication, informed decision making, and access to health services, and access to health services
3. Incorporate accurate, standards-based, and developmentally appropriate health and science information and curricula in child care and education through the university level
4. Support and expand local efforts to provide adult education, English language instruction, and culturally and linguistically appropriate health information services in the community
5. Build partnerships, develop guidance and change policies
6. Increase basic research and the development, implementation, and evaluation of practices and interventions to improve health literacy
7. Increase the dissemination and use of evidence-based health literacy practices and interventions

The FLC is really excited to see a national cohesive effort that will include doctors, clinics, nurses, teachers, tutors… and EVERYONE else to see significant progress in the field of health literacy.

Spread the news and brainstorm what YOU can do at your workplace and for your community, and then tell us about it.  Make comments below or on a forum in FLC’s Health Literacy Ning site!

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