Tutor/Teacher Virtual Training, Oct. 21, Focuses on Teaching Women’s Health

Teachers and tutors working with adult learners may often encounter diverse cultural practices and concepts. That’s why FLC has decided to offer this training.  It will introduce anthropological approaches to health and culture and explore ways teachers and tutors can be aware of and work with differences within the context of a women’s health curriculum.

The Florida Literacy Coalition recently developed Women’s Health, a Special Addition to Staying Healthy. Curriculum topics include female reproductive changes, pregnancy, breastfeeding, breast and reproductive cancers, and domestic abuse. And, all participants will receive a free student guide upon completion of the training evaluation.

Fee: Free. Please share this opportunity with your fellow tutors and teachers.

You can participate from the comfort of your own home or office. All you need is a computer with speakers and Internet access.

How it works: We will send you a web address (URL) when you register.  Approximately 5-10 minutes before the workshop is scheduled to begin, you simply go to that URL, enter your full name, and click “Login” for the session.

Heide Castaneda, PhD, MPH

Presenter:  Heide Castañeda, PhD, MPH is a medical anthropologist and Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of South Florida. Her primary research interests include immigrant and refugee health, social inequality and medicine, and health policy.

To register for this free training opportunity, click here.

Contact Naomi Soto, Health Literacy Coordinator, with any questions.  She can be reached via email: soton@floridaliteracy.org, or via phone: (407) 246-7110 ext. 209.


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