Key Features of WTI’s Career Pathways to Success Program

In a recent FLC webinar, Judy Johnson, of Witlacoochie Technical Institute, provided session participants with helpful information about implementing a career pathways program.  Read some of the highlights of the webinar and be sure to contact Hope Lynn @ FLC if you want to partner with us in developing a career pathways coaching program!


1:  A focus on Career Pathways provides a context for academic achievement, motivation for students to remain in school, guidance for career selection and a foundation for career pursuit, use of career preparation to provide interdisciplinary problem-solving and critical thinking application, and a foundation for lifelong learning—and lifelong earning.

2:  Strong Advisory Committee that includes Adult Education Students, WTI Administrative Staff, WTI Student Services Staff, WTI Adult Education and CTE Instructors, College of Central Florida Staff, Workforce Board Members, Program Advisory Council Members

3:  Improved Student Performance as documented by assessment scores and postsecondary transition data.

4:  Enhanced Intake and Referral Process that includes identification of a Career Pathway and the development of an Educational and Career Pathway Transition Plan.

5:  Enhanced Recruitment and Retention Strategies include goal setting and needs assessment to identify barriers to program completion, and providing workshops and services designed to assist students in overcoming those barriers. These include access to free daycare at our suite as well as workshops on such topics as Time Management, Organization, Financial Literacy, Test Taking Skills, Study Skills, Financial Aide, and Navigating the Postsecondary Application Process. Tutoring in Math and Writing is also provided.

6:  Career Counseling is provided by the Career Transition Facilitator and WTI Guidance Counselors. They coordinate the transition process by providing ongoing academic and career counseling through use of the Educational and Career Pathway Transition Plan, CHOICES, and Career Pathway roadmaps developed with our staff.

7:  The creation and implementation of a local relational database that allows all stakeholders to have access to student information and provides a mechanism for tracking student progress and goal attainment. The Educational and Career Pathway Transition Plan is generated within the database and provides structure and motivation for student success.

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