Zach Lynn: A Potential VISTA has Great Potential

The non-profit world is hectic.  I’ve never been in an environment as fast-paced, demanding, exciting, and dynamic.  A day can start without me knowing it and end long after I thought I’d be leaving the office.  It’s not hard to get so caught up in my work that I forget lunch breaks even existed.  My mission is all-encompassing.  My current goal: find an AmeriCorps*VISTA.

New AmeriCorps*VISTAs (Volunteers in Service to America) start their journey by creating an application on the AmeriCorps website.  They can search through work opportunities based on their interests, areas of expertise, or location.  Some VISTAs want to stick with their community and find a non-profit organization in their neighborhood while others want to branch out and explore a new part of the country.  After some candidate selections and interviews, there’s a new bright and shining face in a lucky non-profit’s office, ready to make America a better place.

As a former VISTA at the Adult Literacy League, I had many hectic days.  Whether I was building relationships “in the field” with local community members or sitting in a cubicle writing reports, my days were full and exciting.  I was luckily given the opportunity to see my developments continue to grow when I was offered a position on the Adult Literacy League’s staff as the Volunteer Coordinator after my VISTA year of service.  Now I’m searching for a new VISTA to continue the great work for which AmeriCorps members are famous.

A strong candidate can handle a demanding workload and will create projects that enhance the organization in ways never thought of before… Such as creating a social media outreach plan, finding new ways to reach clients and volunteers, and develop new programs and projects.  VISTA development work strengthens an organization’s mission.

While I’m currently going through applications, I’m looking for candidates that have a strong goal for themselves, as well.  Good VISTAs know they can increase their own skills while also helping their community.  At the Adult Literacy League we want to maximize our VISTA’s potential by utilizing their abilities and helping them work on new skills.  Not only will it help them, but their growth will help us!

Central Florida needs great people that are hard workers, love variety, have goals, and want to serve people in their community.  Central Florida needs AmeriCorps*VISTAs.  Sign up today on the AmeriCorps website and change lives… Hopefully your application ends up on my desk!


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