Top Stories in Literacy: February 6

Financial Literacy Class Offers Skills Not Taught in School
The program also helps participants, many of whom left school before graduation, with job-readiness training and educational services like preparation for the high school equivalency diploma test. As an incentive to complete the program, participants receive a monthly stipend of $200.

Hundreds protest plan to eliminate L.A .Unified adult classes
About 300 adult education students rallied near downtown Tuesday afternoon, protesting a plan by Los Angeles Unified School District officials to slash the district’s entire adult education budget.

The growing alternative to English-Only Education
Instead of a strict English-only, several programs across the country have developed a two way immersion program of bilingual education. Native English speakers and non-Native speakers go to classes in both English and another language.

Jeb Bush and Bob Wise Release Roadmap for Reform: Digital Learning /Foundation
This is an older article explaining the digital literacy initiative set up by former governor, Jeb Bush, and Bob Wise of West Virginia. This plan is also tracking bills going through state legislature on this issue, including Florida SB 1402, which is currently going through the senate.

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