U + Me = US, Valentine’s Day Math and Reading Comprehension

Just as things begin to dull down and become repetitive, Valentine’s brings us a fun holiday to show those we love what they mean to us…. and/or eat a lot of candy. Why not mix it up with your tutoring? Instead of reading from the same book, try reading one of these stories that talk about the history of valentines day. After you’re done reading (out loud, silently, or together), there are a series of multiple choice and short answer questions to test reading comprehension. You get the lesson done, learn something about the holiday, and your adult learner is able to practice his reading and comprehension skills. What a fun day!

Reading comprehension and Valentine’s Day
The story of St. Valentine 

Another thing you can do on Valentine’s day is practice math skills with word problems. This is great if you are studying for the GED or just trying to get math skills down. These word problems involve money or small numbers of various Valentine’s related symbols. Choose one from the list that best fits the needs of your learner! If you haven’t used word problems before, this eHow will show you the best way to teach word problems to your student.

Valentine’s Day Money word problems
Life skills Valentine’s Day word problems
Fractions and time word problems
Addition and subtraction word problems

Good luck in learning and have a wonderful day!


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