Top Stories in Literacy : February 20

Top Stories in LiteracyThe President’s FY2013 Budget Proposal- What does it mean for Adult Education?
According to the summary, adult education is proposed to be funded at $595 million, with $15 million to go towards the Workforce Innovation Fund for competitive grants. While some may see this as level-funding, others may not since the WIF is proposed to come from existing state adult education grants.

Florida House boosts education funding, cuts hospitals
Public school funding increases, Medicaid reimbursements to Jacksonville area hospitals are cut, and First Coast roads get a big boost in the budget the House passed Thursday.

New State Legislation Increases Difficulty for Those Seeking Adult Education
It took Bell a while to gather the proper documentation but she was finally able to use her Aid to Families with Dependent Children payment documents to prove her residency. The requirement is part of new state ­legislation that became effective in July. Applicants younger than 24 have to submit proof of residency from a parent or legal guardian.

Florida Department of Corrections Announces its Intent to Award Smart Horizons Career Online Education Contract to Provide Online Career Training Inmates
The Florida Department of Corrections has formally announced its intent to award a contract to Smart Horizons Career Online Education (SHCOE) for the provision of online career training and high school education services to Florida inmates.

Volunteers transform lives through literacy
For more than 22 years, Literacy Council Gulf Coast has been transforming lives in Southwest Florida with literacy education. As a volunteer with the Literacy Council, I’ve gotten to know some of people who have been changed by the power of literacy, and I think their stories are worth sharing.


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