Top Stories in Literacy: March 26

Top Stories in LiteracyMiami- Dade targets industries for future employment growth
Local economic leaders say the “Education Assets Inventory” report will help better match local degree and certificate programs with the job sectors that are poised for future growth. The Beacon Council has outlined seven target industries for Miami-Dade to focus on going forward — including aviation, hospitality and tourism, and international banking and finance.

YouTube Offers Live Streaming Video to Nonprofits
Free live video streaming online isn’t a new technology—one of the best-known providers, ustream, started offering the service in 2007—but YouTube’s new service gives nonprofits the chance to stream video through their existing YouTube channels, with all of the features the site provides for other videos.

Online “GED Certificates” Not Worth the Paper They’re Printed on
Consumers are being deceived by fraudulent online “schools” offering high school credentials that have little or no value. GED Testing Service has filed a lawsuit to stop this abuse and protect those seeking to further their education.

Kids Want More Guidance on Money Matters, Yet Parents Lacking as Financial Role
The 2012 Parents, Kids & Money Survey from T. Rowe Price, which surveyed parents, and for the first time, their kids, reveals that kids ages 8 to 14 want to know more about money matters, particularly about saving and how to make money.


5 thoughts on “Top Stories in Literacy: March 26

  1. This is so exciting! I don’t think you’ve taken into account what happens day to day, but still a good post.

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