Interactive Workshops at the 2012 Florida Literacy Conference

In addition to the Career Pathways and Program Administration sneak peek, I’m here to give you yet ANOTHER one on the most fun of all.. the hands-on workshops! Hands-on workshops get you out of your seat and get your brain juices flowing. You’re able to experience and practice what you plan on implementing. You’ll even have the opportunity to get to know your fellow Conference participants in the process (and it can’t hurt to network). We are offering Hands On workshops in all different program areas; ESOL, ABE, Corrections, Technology, Program Administration, GED, and more. No matter what your interest is, we will provide life into your workshops.

Sneak Peek at Wednesday’s Sessions

  • Transition to Work, Education and Daily Life from the Classroom or Corrections
  • Ventures ESOL and Technology
  • Yes, You Can! Enhancing Student Tech Skills and Goal Setting Using Web 2.0 Tools
  • Nonprofit Boards: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Sneak Peek at Thursday’s Sessions

  • Bringing up Taboo Topics in the ESOL/GED Classroom
  • When Words Count: Fostering Story Writing in Adult Learners

Sneak Peek at Friday’s Sessions

  • Applying a Health Literacy Lens to Learning Materials
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Prime time is Family Time
  • Strategic reading instruction to improve comprehension of struggling readers

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