Top Stories in Literacy: April 9

Top Stories in LiteracyMore adults earning college credit for “life experience”
Getting credit for life experience such as working in jobs, starting businesses, serving in the military and volunteering time is attractive to adults who want to go back to school but feel overwhelmed by what it entails.

Jobs are there, for the right skills
One of the populations that holds the greatest promise is adults who started college but never finished. Many of these are people who are unemployed or underemployed and require new skills and training. According to the Stronger Nation report, there are now 2,136,681 adults across Florida that have completed some college but never earned a degree.

The Financial Literacy Movement
Some have blamed economic policy makers on Capitol Hill, while others like the Occupy Wall Street protesters have channeled their anger toward large corporate executives. However, a growing number of people point to the education system, in particular the lack of financial literacy education in the United States for our economic crisis.

Information Superhighway ‘Bypassing Adult Learners’
This British report concludes that although the internet has helped generations of young adults, adults continue to be disengaged from this learning opportunity.

The cost of high turnover in fundraising jobs
The average amount of time a fundraiser stays at his or her job: 16 months. The direct and indirect costs of finding a replacement: $127,650.