Top Stories in Literacy: April 30

Top Stories in LiteracyTo Address the Digital Divide, We Must Go Beyond the Headlines
Working for ZeroDivide, a San Francisco-based nonprofit organization with a history of helping low income, minority, and other underserved communities leverage technology for social good, I think there’s a big piece missing from the studies about the digital divide.

Debt Management Credit Counseling Provides Payday Loan Assistance to Consumers
Debt Management Credit Counseling Corp, a nonprofit charitable organization (DMCC), announces new program to assist consumers struggling to repay payday loans. Program provides repayment plans with affordable monthly payments and suspension of collection calls. DMCC also approved by state to provide Florida residents a 60-day deferment of their loan payments.

Rep. Alan Williams visits Adult Community Education Center
Florida Representative Alan Williams made a visit to the Adult Community Education campus Thursday morning to speak to students. Williams, a member of the Higher Education Appropriations Subcommittee, helps make decisions about the funding for Adult Education in Florida.

Progress Energy Invests in Future Generations
The Progress Energy Foundation is putting half a million dollar investment in the Florida school system. The money will fund energy education classroom projects as well as workforce development at high school career academies throughout the state. The funds will support public-education foundations, science centers and career academies.