4th of July Lesson Plan Ideas

The Fourth of July  is a great opportunity to incorporate civics into your lesson if your student is looking to get citizenship or just for a fun refresher if they are not. Here are some ideas for things you can do!


  1. Watch videos on the history of  the 4th of July. Feel free to include some silly memories, like the role hot dogs play in celebrating. Discuss how you plan on celebrating or fun memories from the past. Invite the student to share their stories.
  2. Go through the Bill of Rights
    1. Have students start by looking through a copy of the bill of rights. Read it with the students. Have your student try it first, read it together or you can read and have the student follow along. Write down any challenging words to go over later and have the student remember for homework.
    2. Then, go through a few Bill of Rights CLOZE exercises to test vocabulary and
  3. Understanding Local government
    1. Help your student understand the hierarchy of government structures. You can fill this flow-chart in with the information
    2. Check out the Florida Government flow-chart to see our complex state government structure.

Ideas courtesy of Michelle at Lesson Plans Page