Top Stories in Literacy: July 2

Top Stories in LiteracyWomen’s Financial Confidence Falters
A year after women started to close the financial literacy gap with men, their financial knowledge and confidence are waning again. Women are especially falling behind when it comes to managing money and investing, says a study released Thursday on the financial literacy gender gap by education firm Financial Finesse.

Running: Raising funds for literacy still the goal of newly-renamed 5K
Known as the Run for Reading in its first three years, the Gulf Coast Classic still raises funds for the Literacy Council Gulf Coast, the largest such organization in the country with more than 3,100 students and 700 volunteer tutors.

Slow Down Tuition Hikes
This week, the Board of Governors approved a slew of more tuition increases, though it was less generous than in the past. Even so, it will cost plenty more to attend a state public university.

Health Nuts Media Releases Animated Asthma Series in Spanish
The seven-episode series, already valued by healthcare providers as a teaching tool for kids with asthma, is now available to millions of Spanish speakers who suffer from the chronic pulmonary condition.

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