Top Stories in Literacy: July 16

Top Stories in LiteracyNew Special Ed. Research will Tackle Deaf Students’ Literacy Skills
A new round of about $60 million in grants from the National Center for Special Education Research awards researchers working to improve the school experiences of students with autism, ADHD, and who are deaf, among other disabilities.

California’s Food Literacy Resolution Sparks Fight Between Grocers and Advocates
Sacramento Assemblyman, Roger Dickinson, introduced a resolution to dub September Food Literacy Awareness Month, the details of the motion set off a virtual food fight.

Family Literacy Program Closes
Last year Walton County’s federally funded Even Start family literacy program shut down. Now a cut in funding has resulted in the closure of Northwest Florida State College’s version of the program at the Crestview Bob Sikes Center.

Has Florida Governor Had a Testing Epiphany?
Florida Gov. Rick Scott, who hasn’t seen a test he hasn’t wanted students to take, seems to have come to some sort of epiphany: The state that has been a national model for high-stakes test-based school reform just may be testing schoolchildren too much.


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