Using Apps to Engage Reluctant Readers and Teach Literacy

Written by: Luciano Cossi, Florida account representative McGraw-Hill/Contemporary

McGraw-Hill Education is committed to supporting Adult Education as we have for almost 40 years. Starting in 2011, Florida Adult Education programs began a transformation towards Adult Career Pathways. In the next 18 months, Florida will be transformed once again as the new GED Assessment is released and all GED student candidates will be faced with a more challenging test that will be delivered digitally via computer. As your McGraw-Hill representative I have met with students, instructors, and administrators throughout Florida. I have listened to your concerns, needs, and suggestions for how McGraw-Hill can meet the needs of Adult Education programs in Florida as this transformation occurs.

One of the areas of growing interest and transformation in Adult Education is the use of digital apps by both students and instructors. Digital apps are software programs known as apps that run on smart phone devices and tablets. The two major digital app platforms are iOS by Apple and Android by Google. McGraw-Hill Education has been publishing apps for students and instructors for all education levels from grades K through to College and beyond. The one area that we are now just publishing apps for is Adult Education. The first app that was published is called Words to Learn By.

Words to Learn By is a three-book series offering an evidence-based approach to vocabulary instruction for adult and young adult learners. Lessons focus on words from the Academic Word List and General Services List to build a foundation of high-frequency vocabulary encountered in academic content areas, the workplace, and everyday life. By offering a digital app for a print series students can engage with learning through a more personal level. Students use smart phones just like how a personal computer is used.

McGraw-Hill Education is offering the Words to Learn By App for no-charge on September 15-October 15,  2012 . The Words to Learn By app works with Apple® iPhones®, iPads™, iPod Touches®, and Droid Devices. This promotion is available only for Apple® devices. The following app will be free and available via the iTunes® App store. Learn more about this great app and others available from McGraw-Hill Education here

For more information regarding solutions for adult learners, please contact Luciano Cossi, McGraw-Hill/Contemporary account representative at 813-421-1073 or via email at .

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