Career Pathways and the Florida Literacy Coalition

Career Pathways programs can train, educate, and transition students to the workforce or post-secondary education.  Choosing a career and related education program can be an intimidating and overwhelming process for learners. Volunteers can play a vital role in helping adult learners identify and prepare for a family sustaining career that is right for them.

The Florida Literacy Coalition is pleased to make available a new three module online course to prepare volunteers to assist and support students in the process of exploring their education and career options. This three-module course provides a systematic guide with tools and resources for volunteers interested in doing this important work. The first module introduces the importance of the role of the volunteer and relationship building with the student.  The second module delves deeper into Career Pathways and post-secondary planning for education or the workforce.  The final module reviews various types of job search and interview strategies.

On December 12th, the Florida Literacy Coalition will be offering a webinar to introduce several ways to use volunteers to promote Career Pathways.  This training we will discuss the Career Pathways modules, a sample position description, volunteer recruitment and retention, and developing partnerships. Register for this free webinar today!

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