Holiday Lesson Plans

Everyone likes putting a little fun into their lives, and some really enjoy the holiday cheer. Here are some websites you can use to incorporate the winter holidays in your lesson plans. Remember, this is a time to talk to your learners about their holiday experiences and traditions. See if there is anything they would like to work on (a poem, a prayer, a letter to their kids) before suggesting one of these tools. (starts December 8)

Hanukah math game. Make sure each candle adds up to 8 before it melts!

Review the History of Hanukkah with this interactive website

Teacher Vision Hanukkah printables and lesson plans (December 25)

Holiday Mad Libs! Play this timeless game with your learners. Have them select nouns, adjectives and verbs ahead of time and then add them to the story.

Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Christmas. Fun things to share with your students!

Christmas Vocabulary Lesson (starts December 26)

History of Kwanzaa from EL Civics

Scholastic Teacher’s interactive website on the History of Kwanzaa

History Channel’s Videos and Pictures of Kwanzaa

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