Scholarships from Foundations for Adult Learners

The theme of the day on Tuesday was scholarships for adult learners. I was researching grants available through community foundations and came across a scholarship page from the Community Foundation of Sarasota. The Foundation provides scholarships to adult learners, defined as someone who did not continue higher education after high school, for accredited colleges, universities and technical schools. Not all community foundations provided scholarships, and some limited grants for individuals. Be sure to check out community foundations that cover your area to see if there are any opportunities for your students!

In the afternoon, I was reminded that I signed up for a webinar from the Foundation Center called “Finding Foundation Support for Your Education.” The Foundation Center hosts a series of free webinars to help first time grant seekers, so you will be able to find several opportunities to learn more on their site. Here are the main take-aways from the presentation:

If you are working with an adult learner who is interested in continuing his or her education, these might also be helpful websites:

Fast Web

College Board

Federal Student Aid for Adult Learners


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