Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your learner!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Whether you are celebrating with a special someone or plan on sharing the love with friends and family members, take this special occasion to do something fun with your ELL or ABE student. We put together a list of special activities for Valentine’s Day last year, so here are a few more things you can add to the list!

  • Help your student write a letter to a loved one. Perhaps your student has always wanted to write a letter to a significant other or family member, but didn’t feel capable of doing so. Work with your student and help them build their confidence so they can be proud to hand someone that letter. Here are a few printable cards that you can start with! 
  • Complete Valentine’s Day CLOZE Exercises with your ELL students. Work with them to find the word that sounds best in the blank area. If you have a more advanced learner, try this CLOZE exercise that goes along with a History Channel introduction. 
  • Have fun with a Valentine’s Day crossword puzzle that features colloquial phrases.
  • ESOL Courses put together a set of lesson plans and quizzes on Valentine’s day for beginner to expert ESOL students.
  • Watch this YouTube Video that says “I Love You” in 100 languages

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