“The Daughter” A poem from the 2013 Adult Learner Essay Book

Since April is poetry month, we are featuring a poem that will be published in the 2013 Essay Book, “Believing That You Can”. The essay book will debut at the Annual Meeting on Thursday, May 9 during the Florida Literacy Conference.


The Daughter

A baseball star always crowded by many friends,

A Fashion student always dressed to impress.

Both had Dreams set so up high,

yet habits they couldn’t control.

They Crossed paths and a month later they got the news.

A Daughter to call their own, Half of him and half of her.

The happiest day of their lives,

When they heard their little bundle start her first cries.

Still their dreams vanished, disappeared.

Lives crumbling down slowly, but surely,

They just couldn’t take control.

Their child would take on becoming something more than they had become

Shoving their hopes and dreams down her throat every chance they could.

Not knowing the pressure they put on her

would also tempt her and she would fall astray.

Feeling the pain flowing through her veins,

Their broken hearts and failed dreams.

They say it was never supposed to be this way.

Now 20 years later, a life of her own.

She cautiously looks back at her past mistakes and regrets.

Remembering her parents suffering,

with tears sliding down her cheek,

She whispers to herself: “I will not fail, I will not suffer

I will not continue to follow their footsteps.

I will be true to myself.”

Alexandra Hernandez is a 20 year old student. She was born in Arlington, Virginia. She now resides in Miami and is an ABE/GED student in Ms. Arriete’s class at The English Center, Miami, Florida.



2 thoughts on ““The Daughter” A poem from the 2013 Adult Learner Essay Book

  1. Alexandra’s poem is amazing! Her emotions and great determination are embedded deep within her words. Keep it up Alexandra, a bright future is ahead of you.

  2. What a touching poem! Alexandra’s journey is a success story which serves as an inspiration to all our adult education students.

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