Connect 2 Compete Provides Free and Low Cost Internet Access for Low Income Families

Although the digital divide is commonly referred to as the struggle between the younger, more tech-savvy generations and the older generations, perhaps those who struggle the most lack access to technology due to limited resources. Such is the case for many of those our community-based organizations serve.

The national nonprofit organization Connect 2 Compete has partnered with Cox, Bright House, Sprint, Comcast, numerous nonprofit organizations and government agencies, among others, to give every American a fighting chance so that they may receive high-speed low-cost internet and discounted computers. Nowadays, internet access has become synonymous with opportunity.

Connect 2 Compete has created the Everyone On Campaign to help reach its goal. Everyone On is a three-year, multi-lingual campaign used to raise awareness of the digital divide issue and help provide people with both online and in-person digital literacy training. However, Connect 2 Compete’s value really comes from its partnerships with community-based organizations which allow affiliated low-income individuals to buy discounted computers and low-cost broadband access for their homes.

Now FLC can work with community-based organizations in Florida to help qualify students to participate. Through this partnership, low-income individuals don’t need to prove they are eligible but instead can automatically sign up for free or low-cost internet access and discounted computers.

If your organization would like to provide your adult learners with these discounted services, please contact to learn more information on how to access FLC’s specific URL code. This code grants your organization and adult learners instant access to signing up for all Connect 2 Compete has to offer.


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