First Look at PIAAC and What it Means

The first results from the PIAAC survey is 466 pages, so no one expected you to read it overnight. Luckily several people in the field of education and economic development have done some of the reading for us and compiled their findings.

Here are a few websites to start analyzing the results of this survey-

Skilled for Life? Key Findings from the Survey of Adult Skills

Charts providing a visual interpretation of the results

PIAAC Gateway

PIAAC Gateway also includes press releases on PIAAC. These are the top four that explain the results and what they mean-

New York Times- “U.S. Adults Fare Poorly in a Study of Skills”

Associated Press- “American Adults Below Average on Global Test”

USA Today- “U.S. adults lag behind counterparts overseas in skills”

Inside Higher Ed- “Troubling Stats on Adult Literacy”




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