Check Out the Florida Literacy Textbook Exchange

FLC has officially launched the Florida Literacy Book Exchange which connects adult education and literacy programs that have used or overstock textbooks with programs that can put these materials to good use. Now, programs in need of textbooks can browse the exchange to find books put up for either donation or trade by both other literacy programs and publishers.

When accessing the site, the first page shows basic information including the title of the book, its publisher, and where the donor is located. More detailed information about the book appears after one has selected a specific listing. Books found on the exchange site are available upon request on a first come, first serve basis. If you find a book that you’d benefit from using with your program, click ‘request books’ to complete a form and the donor will be notified of the request via email.

Although there have been several donations posted on the site already, FLC is and will continue to be seeking other programs with overstock or older (gently used) materials. If you have textbooks to donate, please consider creating a listing for these resources on the Florida Literacy Book Exchange.

To offer books through the exchange site, click ‘donate or trade books’ on the top right corner of the access page and complete the following form. Once approved by the admin, your books will appear as a listing on the site and will be available for anyone interested to request. When someone submits a request for your books, you will receive an email and can make arrangements to transfer the materials.

The book exchange can be accessed through our website at

For more information on how to donate books through the exchange, please email

Special thanks to Douglas Farrell and DOTNET Global for the developing the Florida Literacy Book Exchange.


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