The ‘Changing’ Core

There has been much talk about the Common Core standards within Florida. Since its adoption in 2010, the Common Core standards have been at the center of confusion as well as controversy. The argument over whether or not to keep the standards has come to an almost definite conclusion, that the Common Core standards are on their way to become changed and modified, as well as renamed. In fact this past Monday state officials released 98 proposed changes to the Common Core.

There are many reasons for why the Board of Education for Florida has decided to modify the Common Core. One of the greater reasons is that in the initial creation of the standards, no teachers were incorporated in developing them, which caused the standards to seem better on paper rather than in practice, as some suggest. Another major component of conflict is over the needing to have a cursive writing component, where the Common Core does not have it required.

New suggestions have come out to either go back to the previous standards Florida had or simply to modify the current Common Core addressing some of the issues set forth by critics. Seemingly, the path that State Educators have taken is to modify the current Common Core to become “Florida Standards.” Among the changes is the adjusting of the benchmark, adding cursive writing to the core, and a few other changes. It is notable that these changes for the most part are simply minor ones, and does not drastically hinder from the Common Core.,0,


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