Top Stories in Literacy: April 16

Top Stories in LiteracyTeach Your Children Well-April is Financial Literacy Month
M&I, a part of BMO Financial Group, is using Financial Literacy Month to provide consumers a fiscal education lesson each week. This week’s tip is how your children can learn while they earn.

Young man with autism appeals to Obama for college opportunity
Billy Perogi is 20, autistic, and about to graduate from high school in Naples, Fla. He wants to go to college more than anything. Every school he and his mother have contacted has told them there is no program available for his specialized needs.

Indian River Adult education offering home health aide program
Indian River State College is offering career workshops on becoming a home health aide, security officer, phlebotomist, a new practical nursing program and excel classes for adult education students.

Job-seeking Collier County adults are back in class to catch up to computer skills
Fort Myers residents are among a growing number of both employed and unemployed adults seeking to better their lives and improve their current and future job marketability by going back to school for refresher courses on fundamental computer skills most of today’s teenagers take for granted.

Adult Learning Not Increasing With Internet Availability
Adults who are out of school are not necessarily active learners, for a number of reasons. With the growth of the Internet though, many hope that adults may use the technology available to them for some informal learning.

Top Stories in Literacy: April 9

Top Stories in LiteracyMore adults earning college credit for “life experience”
Getting credit for life experience such as working in jobs, starting businesses, serving in the military and volunteering time is attractive to adults who want to go back to school but feel overwhelmed by what it entails.

Jobs are there, for the right skills
One of the populations that holds the greatest promise is adults who started college but never finished. Many of these are people who are unemployed or underemployed and require new skills and training. According to the Stronger Nation report, there are now 2,136,681 adults across Florida that have completed some college but never earned a degree.

The Financial Literacy Movement
Some have blamed economic policy makers on Capitol Hill, while others like the Occupy Wall Street protesters have channeled their anger toward large corporate executives. However, a growing number of people point to the education system, in particular the lack of financial literacy education in the United States for our economic crisis.

Information Superhighway ‘Bypassing Adult Learners’
This British report concludes that although the internet has helped generations of young adults, adults continue to be disengaged from this learning opportunity.

The cost of high turnover in fundraising jobs
The average amount of time a fundraiser stays at his or her job: 16 months. The direct and indirect costs of finding a replacement: $127,650.

Top Stories in Literacy: April 2

Top Stories in LiteracyProgram teaches computer literacy to older generation
Seniors gather at the Hallmark, their assisted-living facility in Lower Manhattan, for computer classes. They wanted to begin the task of catching up with a technical world whose rapid-fire evolution has left much of America’s oldest generation isolated from its children, grandchildren and tech-savvy friends.

Teen’s Hip-Hop Song Wins Financial Ed Themed Contest
The contest was designed to tap the talent and creativity of teens across the U.S. to raise awareness of the importance of being smart about money, and to spread the word about the financial education program Money Matters: Make It CountSM available through all 2,900 Boys & Girls Clubs that serve teens.

AT&T Aspire: $250 million national job readiness program already given $800k locally
In its new $250 million initiative program called AT&T Aspire, the company aims to help young and driven students to graduate from high school with the technological tools and skills they need to advance into a successful career. Find out how to apply!

Digital Divide Impacts Technological “Haves,” Too
The failure to find tech-savvy talent is preventing U.S. companies from innovating their way out of their current financial doldrums. A survey by Moritz’s firm found that 57 percent of U.S. CEOs said that creating and fostering a skilled workforce should be a top government priority.

Top Stories in Literacy: March 26

Top Stories in LiteracyMiami- Dade targets industries for future employment growth
Local economic leaders say the “Education Assets Inventory” report will help better match local degree and certificate programs with the job sectors that are poised for future growth. The Beacon Council has outlined seven target industries for Miami-Dade to focus on going forward — including aviation, hospitality and tourism, and international banking and finance.

YouTube Offers Live Streaming Video to Nonprofits
Free live video streaming online isn’t a new technology—one of the best-known providers, ustream, started offering the service in 2007—but YouTube’s new service gives nonprofits the chance to stream video through their existing YouTube channels, with all of the features the site provides for other videos.

Online “GED Certificates” Not Worth the Paper They’re Printed on
Consumers are being deceived by fraudulent online “schools” offering high school credentials that have little or no value. GED Testing Service has filed a lawsuit to stop this abuse and protect those seeking to further their education.

Kids Want More Guidance on Money Matters, Yet Parents Lacking as Financial Role
The 2012 Parents, Kids & Money Survey from T. Rowe Price, which surveyed parents, and for the first time, their kids, reveals that kids ages 8 to 14 want to know more about money matters, particularly about saving and how to make money.

Top Stories in Literacy: March 19

Top Stories in LiteracyCharter school backers find little support for proposals
The charter school lobby came to Tallahassee with an ambitious agenda: Win a share of school districts’ construction dollars; Create a separate high school sports association; Empower parents to demand charter-school conversions. But they fell short on almost all counts.

State budget basses with First Coast feeling pros and cons
Mixed within the state’s $70 billion budget, approved late Friday, is a host of goodies for Northeast Florida. The budget provision with the most buzz has been a $1.1 billion statewide boost for public education.

PHCC sees fewer adults seeking GED
This academic year, 400 students are enrolled in PHCC’s Adult Basic Education courses for those tested as performing below the ninth-grade standard. That’s a decrease of 170 students, or a 30 percent decrease compared with the 570 who were enrolled in 2010-11.

GED Assessment has new chapter available
Chapter 3, the final chapter,  focuses on the content passage specifications and selection criteria as well as the scoring of extended response items (writing tasks) on literacy and social studies making The Assessment Guide for Educators a comprehensive and definitive source.

Top Stories in Literacy: March 12

Top Stories in Literacy

Adult Education Programs at Daytona State College Hit Hard by Fees
The 50.5 percent drop in enrollment occurred this spring semester at campuses in Volusia and Flagler counties compared to spring 2011. The drop is slightly higher than the 48.3 percent the college saw in the fall compared to fall of 2010.

Public Pressure Works as State Funds Return to Flagler’s Disabled Adults Services
It was a close call, but as of today (March 2), the Flagler County school district will not lose some $600,000 in state funds to run several programs for the disabled in its Adult Education division. In essence, most–but not all–of the 18 jobs in the division will be saved.

Parent Trigger Debate: Florida’s Controversial Parent Trigger Bill for Failing Schools
The “parent trigger” bill has prompted an outcry from critics, who view it as a way to snatch power from local school boards and convince parents to turn public campuses over to private companies.

Program Helps Unemployed Land Jobs
A Miami-Dade College program that once helped displaced homemakers is seeing more laid-off workers and retirees trying to get back into the job market. Computer classes most popular.

Top Stories in Literacy: March 5

Top Stories in LiteracySchools try to match jobless with the 3.4 million open jobs
Ever since the deep recession hit four years ago, many colleges have been rethinking their continuing education programs, straining to figure out how best to help the many unemployed Americans who have looked to them as a lifeline.

Florida Senate passes $71.2 billion budget
The Florida Senate approved a $71.2-billion budget Thursday that boosts funding for classrooms and people with disabilities, but slashes dollars meant for hospitals, adult mental health treatment and higher education.

Florida board approves school grading changes
The State Board of Education made some concessions to local school officials, parents and other critics Tuesday before approving rule changes making it tougher for Florida schools to get top grades.

Nonprofits Pin Their Social-Media Efforts on New Network
Pinterest, the popular new social network that allows people to share virtual pinboards of photos and links, is helping the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption do something it can’t on other social-media sites: share its personality.

Top Stories in Literacy: February 27

Top Stories in LiteracyProposed state budget cuts target Flagler programs for disabled adults
Flagler County school officials say they may lose funding for programs that serve adults with disabilities. Board Member Colleen Conklin said during Tuesday’s School Board meeting the situation is one she would “classify as an emergency.” Affected programs would include Step Up, Community Inclusion, the Adult Activity Center and Adult Basic Education.

Smart Horizons Career Online Education Announces Partnership With Anthem College to Launch Anthem High School
Anthem High School will provide students who lack a high school diploma the opportunity to earn their diploma and a credentialed career certificate in preparation for enrolling in one of the numerous degree programs offered by Anthem College.

Program Provides Internships for Unemployed Adults
A partnership between Southwest Florida Works and the Alliance of Educational Leaders organized the job fair setting in the Student Union Ballroom, where 25 Southwest Florida companies interviewed candidates for paid internships.

Jeb Bush: Education ‘the leading indicator of a successful life’
Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush awarded Maria Segura with a scholarship last Friday during his 12th Annual Celebration of Reading event. The event raises money for literacy programs and advocates for the importance of family involvement in overcoming illiteracy, both in children and adults.

Top Stories in Literacy : February 20

Top Stories in LiteracyThe President’s FY2013 Budget Proposal- What does it mean for Adult Education?
According to the summary, adult education is proposed to be funded at $595 million, with $15 million to go towards the Workforce Innovation Fund for competitive grants. While some may see this as level-funding, others may not since the WIF is proposed to come from existing state adult education grants.

Florida House boosts education funding, cuts hospitals
Public school funding increases, Medicaid reimbursements to Jacksonville area hospitals are cut, and First Coast roads get a big boost in the budget the House passed Thursday.

New State Legislation Increases Difficulty for Those Seeking Adult Education
It took Bell a while to gather the proper documentation but she was finally able to use her Aid to Families with Dependent Children payment documents to prove her residency. The requirement is part of new state ­legislation that became effective in July. Applicants younger than 24 have to submit proof of residency from a parent or legal guardian.

Florida Department of Corrections Announces its Intent to Award Smart Horizons Career Online Education Contract to Provide Online Career Training Inmates
The Florida Department of Corrections has formally announced its intent to award a contract to Smart Horizons Career Online Education (SHCOE) for the provision of online career training and high school education services to Florida inmates.

Volunteers transform lives through literacy
For more than 22 years, Literacy Council Gulf Coast has been transforming lives in Southwest Florida with literacy education. As a volunteer with the Literacy Council, I’ve gotten to know some of people who have been changed by the power of literacy, and I think their stories are worth sharing.

Top Literacy Stories: February 13

Top Stories in LiteracyStates shake up adult education to help low-skilled workers
President Barack Obama’s recent proposal to “train 2 million Americans with skills that will lead directly to a job” barely scratches the surface of one of the nation’s most vexing labor problems.

Low Literacy Hurts Women’s Wages More than Men’s
Women at all levels of literacy tend to have lower wages than comparable men, but the gender wage gap is most noticeable between men and women of low literacy levels.

Nora Sanders has been named the Adult Learner of the Year
Nora Sanders of Shelbyville has been named the Adult Learner of the Year by the Commission on Adult Basic Education (COABE). Sanders was named Tennessee Adult Learner of the Year last fall and was selected from COABE from among other state winners.

New Report Finds More Older Americans Seeking Literacy/Basic Ed Programs
The percentage of adults 55 and older in adult literacy/basic education programs has doubled since the economic downturn in 2008, says a new report from ProLiteracy and Senior Service America.

Congress Ponders Adding GED Requirement to Unemployment Benefits
The House and Senate are debating a provision that would tie unemployment benefits to a high school diploma or a GED and to drug testing.