Top Stories in Literacy: March 19

Top Stories in LiteracyCharter school backers find little support for proposals
The charter school lobby came to Tallahassee with an ambitious agenda: Win a share of school districts’ construction dollars; Create a separate high school sports association; Empower parents to demand charter-school conversions. But they fell short on almost all counts.

State budget basses with First Coast feeling pros and cons
Mixed within the state’s $70 billion budget, approved late Friday, is a host of goodies for Northeast Florida. The budget provision with the most buzz has been a $1.1 billion statewide boost for public education.

PHCC sees fewer adults seeking GED
This academic year, 400 students are enrolled in PHCC’s Adult Basic Education courses for those tested as performing below the ninth-grade standard. That’s a decrease of 170 students, or a 30 percent decrease compared with the 570 who were enrolled in 2010-11.

GED Assessment has new chapter available
Chapter 3, the final chapter,  focuses on the content passage specifications and selection criteria as well as the scoring of extended response items (writing tasks) on literacy and social studies making The Assessment Guide for Educators a comprehensive and definitive source.

Top Stories in Literacy: December 5

New fees drive down adult education enrollment in Florida
Many of Florida’s high school dropouts are giving up the chance to go back to school because they now are required to pay tuition. Enrollment in GED preparation classes has fallen 70 % in Broward County and 61% in Palm Beach County.

Proposal emerges to create adult charter schools
Nudged by a Tallahassee-based non-profit group, two lawmakers are poised to file bills that would allow charter schools and non-profits to offer adult education.

Literacy Coach wins Leadership Grant
Melissa Lime, a member of the board of directors of Learn to Read St. John’s County and instructional reading coach at Pacetti Bay Middle School has received the 2011 Eve Proffitt Emerging Leaders Project Grant from the PDK Educational Foundation.

The Khan Academy: Changing the Face of Education?
One organization that has found a way to improve education through technology is the Khan Academy. By providing an online library of math videos and assessments for students to use, they have created a self-driven, individualized curriculum that motivates students with immediate feedback and positive rewards.

The NEFC Sets Launch Date for the Core 80 Financial Literacy Curriculum
The 2012 version of the NFECs’ Core 80 Financial Literacy Curriculum is launching the second week of January and is designed to provide educators and volunteers engaging lesson plans to improve the financial capability of their students.