Sneak Peek at the Career Pathways Track at Conference

AHH! Conference Season is in the air. In seven weeks, we’ll have Conference and there will be much enjoyment in the air. If this is your first conference, I’ll let you know some tricks. Florida Literacy Conference has 13 different possible tracks to follow; Adult Learner, Corrections Literacy, ESOL, Program Management, Reading, Technology, Family Literacy, Health Literacy, Volunteers in Literacy, Learning Disabilities, Library Literacy, Workforce Education, and ABE, GED, and Adult High School. No matter what your interest area is, we have something for you. And if you have many interests, you can mix and match.

BUT if you’re interested in Career Pathways and plan on attending the Conference, we have a sneak peek for the sessions and their descriptions! The sessions aren’t overlapping time for the most part. This is the opportunity to get your schedules ready.

Sessions Include:

  • Higher-Order Thinking Skills: Using Advanced Organizers to Support Instruction
  • Let’s Make Student Success EASY
  • 10 Innovative Ways to Connect Learning with Career Pathways
  • Yes, You Can! Enhancing Student Tech Skills & Goal Setting Using Web 2.0 Tools
  • The Power of Testing: Why, What & Who to Assess
  • Technology Skills for career Success
  • English for Carer and Technical Education Standards
  • Top 10 Commandments of Building an Adult Education Career Pathways Program
  • Building a Local Database to Enhance Career Pathways
Select “Sessions Include” for more information on these sessions! What other tracks are you interested in? Perhaps I can do some detective work and provide you with other top secret information 😉

From the desk of THE meeting planner….

Well, the conference schedule is finally done. Now it’s time to notify the speakers. I hope the designer has the conference schedule page posted before the end of the week.  Jordan is working on the first draft of pre-conference email that’s going out next week. We’ll have a few surprises to unveil.

  • Don’t forget to we need to recruit some conference bloggers!
  • Need to post the Oprah interview with our keynote Mawi Asgedom!
  • Jordan is doing a great job on finding those silent auction treasures for the attendees. Make sure to find a way to reward her for her efforts!  THANKS JORDAN!

It’s only going to get worse.

Registration is about to move into full swing and Erin is ready.

We are two months out and I can’t wait.  I’ll get to see and mingle with some of the best attendees.  🙂


*Click on the picture to preview the 2012 Florida Literacy Conference schedule. –SOCIAL MEDIA GURU