Top Stories in Literacy: November 18

Top Stories in LiteracyWe are bringing back a regular article from the FLC Blog- weekly literacy stories. Each week we will highlight the top stories focused on literacy in state or national news.



Here are the popular stories from this week-

Financial literacy education has real-life impact (USA Today)

Ethnicity, Race Color Odds for a College Degree (National Journal)

Testing… Testing.. Does This Thing Work? (WFSU)

Top Stories in Literacy: May 29

Top Stories in LiteracyClay County Literacy Coalition ‘visionary’ receives state award
The Florida Literacy Coalition recently named Lisa Leiby of Clay County as Outstanding Literacy Volunteer for her work with the Clay County Literacy Coalition. The award recognized a literacy volunteer who has demonstrated exceptional service and commitment in either tutoring or program operations

Connect2Compete Announces the Ad Council’s First Campaign to tackle Digital Literacy
Connect to Compete (C2C), Inc. today announced a national three-year Ad Council campaign to promote the importance of digital literacy and motivate individuals and families to access free community resources and training. The multimedia public service campaign, which will be developed in both English and Spanish, will begin in January 2013.

InCharge Receives $148,750 Grant from Chase to Provide Financial Education and Counseling
InCharge® Debt Solutions was awarded a $148,750 grant by Chase Card Services, a division of JPMorgan Chase & Co., to help support an educational program focused on providing financial education and counseling to local community members.

High school diplomas presented at IRSC ceremony
Throughout the 2011/2012 school year, the graduates earned high school credits in IRSC’s Adult High School or completed preparation and passed the General Educational Development (GED) exam at IRSC Adult Education sites throughout St. Lucie, Martin, Indian River, and Okeechobee counties.

Protesters Gather to Oppose Cuts to Adult Education
Hundreds of people gathered outside Tuesday’s meeting of the Los Angeles Unified School District board to show their support for adult education. If the programs go away, protesters say more than a quarter million people will be shut out of classes they need to make a contribution to society.

Top Stories in Literacy: April 30

Top Stories in LiteracyTo Address the Digital Divide, We Must Go Beyond the Headlines
Working for ZeroDivide, a San Francisco-based nonprofit organization with a history of helping low income, minority, and other underserved communities leverage technology for social good, I think there’s a big piece missing from the studies about the digital divide.

Debt Management Credit Counseling Provides Payday Loan Assistance to Consumers
Debt Management Credit Counseling Corp, a nonprofit charitable organization (DMCC), announces new program to assist consumers struggling to repay payday loans. Program provides repayment plans with affordable monthly payments and suspension of collection calls. DMCC also approved by state to provide Florida residents a 60-day deferment of their loan payments.

Rep. Alan Williams visits Adult Community Education Center
Florida Representative Alan Williams made a visit to the Adult Community Education campus Thursday morning to speak to students. Williams, a member of the Higher Education Appropriations Subcommittee, helps make decisions about the funding for Adult Education in Florida.

Progress Energy Invests in Future Generations
The Progress Energy Foundation is putting half a million dollar investment in the Florida school system. The money will fund energy education classroom projects as well as workforce development at high school career academies throughout the state. The funds will support public-education foundations, science centers and career academies.

Top Stories in Literacy: December 5

New fees drive down adult education enrollment in Florida
Many of Florida’s high school dropouts are giving up the chance to go back to school because they now are required to pay tuition. Enrollment in GED preparation classes has fallen 70 % in Broward County and 61% in Palm Beach County.

Proposal emerges to create adult charter schools
Nudged by a Tallahassee-based non-profit group, two lawmakers are poised to file bills that would allow charter schools and non-profits to offer adult education.

Literacy Coach wins Leadership Grant
Melissa Lime, a member of the board of directors of Learn to Read St. John’s County and instructional reading coach at Pacetti Bay Middle School has received the 2011 Eve Proffitt Emerging Leaders Project Grant from the PDK Educational Foundation.

The Khan Academy: Changing the Face of Education?
One organization that has found a way to improve education through technology is the Khan Academy. By providing an online library of math videos and assessments for students to use, they have created a self-driven, individualized curriculum that motivates students with immediate feedback and positive rewards.

The NEFC Sets Launch Date for the Core 80 Financial Literacy Curriculum
The 2012 version of the NFECs’ Core 80 Financial Literacy Curriculum is launching the second week of January and is designed to provide educators and volunteers engaging lesson plans to improve the financial capability of their students.

Top Stories in Literacy November 28

The Latino Digital Divide
Latinos are widely recognized as leading technology adopters – from mobile phones and devices to tablet computers, Latinos lead Americans in purchasing, and using this technology for some reasons we understand, and others we are just beginning to. Despite these facts, the digital divide yet to be addressed is in two areas: internet at home and digital literacy.

Microsoft launches “Elevate America,” a program to help veterans attain job skills
Microsoft, with assistance from the U.S. Department of Labor in a liaison role, and local workforce areas, is proud to offer U.S. military veterans and their eligible spouses, vouchers for no-cost IT skills training and certification designed to help build the technology skills employers are looking for. Could you use this in your program?

Building Financial Literacy through benefits research and education
A new series of research-based educational materials from Unum offers personal stories, compelling statistics and clear explanations of the role employee benefits play in protecting the financial foundations of individuals, families, businesses and the government.

Fewer Patients Researching Personal Health Issues
In 2007, 56% of American adults reported seeking health information from sources other than their physician, including the Internet, books, magazines, and newspapers; friends or relatives; and radio or television. This number has since declined. Where are people getting this information? Where else can this be addressed?

Degrees of Literacy: It’s not just about reading and writing anymore
While some people have graduated high school with functional reading skills, this is not enough to meet the demands of American society. Financial, health, digital, and interpersonal literacy are all large components to be truly functional.

Top Stories in Literacy Nov 20

Studies show that people who are generous are in better health
Whether people are donating for tax purposes, or because they are genuinely empathetic, research shows that they are happier and live longer. You might want to include some of these statistics in your next fundraising letter.

How to create a social media marketing schedule
In the nonprofit world, there are a million things going on at once and only time to give attention to half of them. While you might feel like you don’t have time to devote to social media, here are some tips to make the process easier.

Medicare Plan to be shut down
Quality Health Plans, a Medicare HMO with 10,000 Florida members, has been ordered into liquidation after failing to come up with the cash reserves the state says were needed. While the members will be moved to a new plan, this information could be useful to your students.

Nationwide Financial Literacy Campaign Empowers Citizens to Share Personal Financial Lessons
The National Financial Educators Council is starting a campaign called Financial EduNation that will provide organizations and communities with solid resources for combating financial illiteracy at the local level. This program will start at the New Year and provide resources for students, parents and the rest of the community.

Top stories in Literacy Nov 14

Hello! We’re starting a new thing where every Monday (and sometimes every other Monday), we’ll provide top stories in literacy news. These stories will include non-profit updates, adult basic education, ESL/ELL/ESOL, family literacy, health literacy, financial literacy, career pathways, digital literacy, and important updates for Florida literacy organizations. Here are this week’s top articles:

Nonprofits and charities can now have a page on Google plus

The Nation’s Report Card: Better reading scores start at home

Education Secretary Appeals for Financial Literacy, Planning Instruction in Schools

National  Digital Literacy Corps