Literacyhead: Teach Vocabulary Lessons Using Visual Art pt. 1

Teach Vocabulary Lessons Using Visual Art

Think about the last time you were asked to define a vocabulary term.  For some learners, the conventional methods of reading or hearing a recited definition and example sentence might be effective.  But for many, just hearing or reading these may not penetrate deeply enough to make a lasting impression.

Vocabulary Lessons on take into consideration the increased likelihood of reaching all students at their varying degrees of learning readiness when they are presented with multiple representations of an unknown vocabulary term’s meaning.

Here is how Literacyhead can help you teach vocabulary; we’ll use the word flowing to explain.

First, the term is illustrated with a unique typography that represents the word’s meaning.

When a learner or teacher clicks on the word, they see the following.

When clicked, each image thumbnail will display the full image in a larger format.

Click here to see and interact with the actual lesson on

In these visual vocabulary examples, students are not only given three examples of what the term means, but a non-example as well.  In most cases, the sentences and the artwork increase in complexity, with the first sentence and image being more straightforward and the third being more abstract. So, Literacyhead’s vocabulary “lessons” are naturally differentiated and are as appropriate for students who struggle with words as they are for students who excel.

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